Thank you Sue for this brilliant tip!

Hello!  I have been a customer for years, and was so grateful to Feline Instincts when they gifted me with my supplement after the horrific Marshall Fire that took our home……

We are planning a camping trip soon in a very small camper van.  We will be taking our Adventure Cat with us!  Wanting to keep her on her diet, I had to figure out a way to pre-make her food, and keep it very compact in the teeny tiny freezer compartment in the refrigerator.  After a failed experiment using a used quart milk container, I came across these silicone granola bar forms that are sold on Amazon.  Each compartment in exactly 3.0 oz if filled to the top!! (I use ground chicken thighs for protein)  I will freeze them, pop them out with ease, and putting 4 together, separated with paper pattie squares (Dollar Store), form bricks to be stored for use in freezer.  I wanted to share with you to pass along for those that want to travel with their cats, and keep them on their diets.


  1.  The picture is of 2  silicone  trays, side by side on a small baking sheet