How To Make My Natural Cat Premix A Kidney Support Recipe

You can make the kidney support recipe easily with our My Natural Cat premixes and have the same support you had with the Kidney Support  premixes.

How to make My Natural Cat a renal support diet:
In addiction to the instructions of each recipe add the following:
1. 700 grams (25 oz.) of pumpkin or any kind of steamed squash (peeled and seeded)
2. 1 cup raw liver if using the premix with NO liver powder or 3 extra tbs of liver powder if you are using the MNC with liver powder
3. 2 raw egg yolks
4. 4000 mg of salmon oil or 2-3 strokes of the salmon oil pump
5. Add the “Kidney Glands” powder to the recipe that we sell on our product ordering  page.Instructions are on the bag.

renafood-bottle-150x150 Renafood Tablets: To go a step further in supporting your cats kidneys we use Renafood tablets for cellular support of the kidneys daily for all our cats starting at age six. Sold at or call 866-551-8487. They may not list it on their website but I know for a fact you can call and get it. Kidney Cellular Support We no longer sell this item but we still highly recommend it. You can order from the link and phone number below… Use in combination with our Kidney Support diet and RenAvast Kidney support capsules. Excellent supplement in addition to Rena GO (A glandular support) and our Kidney diet premix diet. Cats sometimes eat them like treats. Feed alone or with a little bit of food or crushed with some treats. That way it works on the kidneys alone. We give this to all our cats to support good kidney health and stop early kidney aging. None of our cats had kidney disease . When three of our cats passed away at ages 19-20 all of them had perfect kidney values. I give the Renafood tablets away from a lot of food so it works on the kidneys alone as much as possible. I gave this tablet in the mornings when everyone was hungry waiting for their raw meals. They used to eat it like a treat on their plates. Now I have to crush it (it crushes easily with fingers or back of a spoon) and add a little chicken liver powder or other treats or some food because Caesar and Alex prefer it that way. I decided back in 2000 to use Renafood tablets when I saw how well Lady Natascha did on it after being given one a day for 30 days. Her creatine levels were up  (a sign of kidney damage) and I started her on the Renafood tablets per Dr Gardner’s suggestion. After 30 days they went back into the normal range and stayed there because I kept giving her that all the rest of her life. I swear by this little tablet to support the kidney all their life. 90 tablets, enough for three months by giving 1 a day

  • Supports cellular health
  • Each tablet supplies approximately 190 mg bovine kidney PMG extract
  • Helps maintain the kidneys in a good state of repair to support healthy kidney gland function

Kidney detoxification and support; contains Arginex and Renatrophin PMG with special enzymes from bean pods. Use for kidney disease, stones, renal hypertension, toxemia, urinary tract infection and fluid balance problems. One per day is ideal for cats with urinary tract problems For kidney detoxification and support. It contains Arginex and Renatrophin PMG with special enzymes from bean pods that stimulate the kidneys to remove excess fluids.Let’s talk about ARGINEX first, as this is a main ingredient. ARGINEX is an excellent kidney detoxifying product. It’s made from a culture grown on beet pulp and rice bran. It contains the enzyme arginase, necessary for the detoxification of argenine from the kidneys. Argenine builds up in the kidneys as a by product of protein metabolism. Think of ARGINEX for general detoxification of the kidneys. RENAFOOD contains ARGINEX, along with beef kidney protomorphogen ( RENATROPHIN PMG ) and extracts from kidney bean pods. So RENAFOOD combines the detoxifying effect of ARGINEX with the rebuilding effect of beef kidney protomorphogen. RENAFOOD gives broader coverage than either ARGINEX or RENATROPHIN PMG alone, whereas ARGINEX or RENATROPHIN PMG give more concentrated detoxifying or rebuilding effects. Think of RENAFOOD as a product for maintenance care of the patient with kidney problems.

Feline Instincts does not claim our supplements cure any feline or canine diseases.


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