We adopted Ziggy, a Ragamuffin kitten, a little over three years. We continued to feed him the costly cat/kitten grain-free food that he had always eaten. He began to get colitis every 8-10 weeks within a few months of adopting him. He would run a high fever, vomit, develop horrible diarrhea, and was very sick. Each time, the vet would give him steroid and antibiotic shots which would fix the illness, but only for a matter of weeks. After MANY expensive trips to the vet, I asked if there was something else that could been done or changed to prevent future occurrences. The vet told me not really, that it was just that way my cat’s system was.

I was desperate to find something to help Ziggy. We were tired of his being sick, high vet bills, cleaning up vomit, washing a long-haired cat regularly due to the diarrhea, and gagging at an extremely foul-smelling litter box that permeated the entire house.  Our research revealed Feline Instincts and a raw meat diet. Finally, a possible solution for Ziggy. Plus, it just made sense. I ordered the supplement hoping to help heal my cat AND keep him well. A lifetime of his being sick. plus the problems that would be caused by the excessive medicines, were not acceptable.

Since we have started the raw meat diet with Feline Instincts’ supplements, our cat has only been sick one time in almost two years, and that time was because he got into my son’s pizza. I have a healthy, happy cat now who is thriving! Litter box cleaning is not disgusting anymore, and my house does not stink. (It used to smell horrible anytime he used his litter box!!!!!) We are not having to regularly give him “bottom baths” due to potty issues either.

Feline Instincts has been such a blessing for my cat and my family. I am so thankful for a healthy, easy to prepare diet for my cat, who is now vibrant and flourishing. If I could reach through the computer and hug the creators of Feline Instincts, I would. Thank you so much for restoring my cat’s health and saving our budget, noses, and sanity!!!


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