International Orders & Returns Policy

Shipping to all Hong Kong warehouses: We cannot be responsible for orders being sent through a transfer house in the USA to Hong Kong. There is no refund or replacement claims we can make to the postal system when a package is lost, or damaged when sent through a transfer house to Hong Kong because it is impossible to prove when that damaged happened and we cannot prove this to the USPS claims dept…..We now are considering to stop all shipments to warehouses except to our Hong Kong distributors.

Shipping overseas: We do not ship overseas.

Cancellations, Returns and Refunds: 

We have to refuse the return of any product because supplements cannot be replaced back for resale once sold.

Please make sure you make an informed purchase. Any pet food or supplement sold in our store is a FINAL SALE. For quality control reasons we do not re-sell supplement items returned to us. ​

In order to ensure that all pets receive fresh products, Feline Instincts does not accept returns once the items have been out of our control. Based on our commitment to ensure your pet will receive supplements that deliver what they promise, we only sell merchandise direct from us. We want to ensure that every pet receives potency-guaranteed ingredients. If your pet’s prognosis is uncertain or you are not sure if your veterinarian will approve the use of the products, please contact your pet’s veterinarian before ordering. All sales are final.


My Natural Cats Book

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