Nine Years of Research by Feline Instincts

For nine years, Feline Instincts has fed our kitty Alex plain raw meats once a day in conjunction to his twice a day raw meals made with our premix My Natural Cat to see if his teeth would stay clean of any tartar and it worked….. and is still working.

I fed Alex a variety of plain raw meats; cut up chicken necks, chicken and beef strips. Packed a daily portion of them in snack bags and packed them in freezer storage bags to take out and defrost in the refrigerator often. I always made sure he had at least two snack bags thawed. He has not missed a day and wouldn’t let me if I tried!

Alex started this research for me when he was 8 months old. He is nine years old now and his teeth have no plaque. The vet is amazed. You should start your kitty when they are young enough or use enticements on the plain meats like liver powder or Nutritional yeast flakes when they are older and refuse to eat plain raw meats.

Feline Instincts homemade raw meat cat food