“Just wanted to share a story…I bought Feline Instincts when my first cat Sneakers got sick at 12 years old. I had not heard anything about feeding raw until I was looking on the internet for how to heal pets naturally. Unfortunately, the diet was too late for him, he had a rare, very fast growing salivary gland tumor. However, I had another cat just about 11 years old, a tuxedo cat named Sox. Of course, I had to feed her raw, too, after I found out how healthy it is for kitties. To understand the degree of change in her, you have to understand, she was the original “scaredy cat” since we brought her home. She had digestive problems, and would hide under the bed (and have diarrhea there), and I couldn’t figure out how to cure it so we basically had to keep her in the bathroom (with a vinyl floor) for months, until it finally resolved. Even before all the time spent living in the bathroom, she would hardly let you touch her, so we could rarely pet her. She also had a gross mouth problem, with dark colored smelly drool, and some of her teeth fell out. We could not touch her, and it was almost impossible to catch her, she has always been very petite (I think from all the health problems) and I was honestly afraid that she would die from shock if I took her to the vet. They would definitely have to put her under in order to do anything with/to her at all, and I don’t think she’d ever come out of it. Sooooo, I had kind of given up and just figured I’d provide her the best home and most comfort I could. She TOTALLY changed after I started feeding her Feline Instincts. Her mouth issues completely resolved on their own. Yes, after 11 years. She comes out and lets us all pet her, and even pick her up. She plays with string and toys like a kitten. It’s incredible. She will still run and hide if someone knocks at the door, but she doesn’t hide all day, every day for weeks at a time anymore. She doesn’t even go under the bed anymore, and seldom hides, but if she does, she will come out whenever the strangers leave. She even started sleeping on my pillow at night, curled up right next to my head! Oh, and she used to shed fur like crazy, and wouldn’t clean herself very well. She is all shiny and soft now :-) My son got a new kitten just before my older cat passed, and Sox will run around and play with her…like she never did when she was a kitten herself! I have tried making raw food from scratch with my own ingredients, and it’s a huge pain, and almost impossible to find the quality of the ingredients in the Feline Instincts mix. I am sold on it–it keeps our kitties healthy and happy! (In fact, it’s time to order another bag!)”

Kimberly Morries -CO