Dear Felice,
I received your book “My Natural Cats, A True Story”. Thank you so much for this.I’ll preserve this book till the end of my life.It is excellent.It is” Bible” for Cat lovers.You definitely expect some good orders of this book from India very shortly. I can not imagine how much efforts you have taken to publish this book.I’ll definitely go through each & every chapter in this book.

Just now I was going through your book & your one suggestion about Aloe Vera Juice is really great.You have suggested to use Aloe Vera Juice for Cat in case of Digestive disorders or blood in stool.You have further suggested not to use Aloe Vera Juice that contains Potassium Sorbate or Sodium Benzoate or Benzoic acid. I salute to you for this extraordinary suggestion.Do you know I use imported (Made in USA) Aloe Vera Juice for Pets & even for my own consumption that contains all these preservative. I use Aloe Vera juice made by Aloe Vera of America Inc,Jupiter Rd,Dallas,Tx. It is eye opener for me. I’ll certainly not use this type of Juice again.
I’ll read this book to know the importance of  a cats Raw Diet,Disease & treatment.

Thank you so much Felice for this lovely gift & the sincere efforts you have taken to send it to me.
Warm Regards,
Suresh – India