feline-instincts-raw-meat-diet-CRF-success-storiesI’ve sent messages before commenting on my success with your Kidney Support Powdered Premix. Today I’m sending an update on my Solomon’s latest blood test results. His BUN has dropped or kept steady for the last year or so but the best news is that his creatinine level has dropped significantly to where it’s actually back in the normal range!! My vet was astonished and I am so happy I can hardly express myself! It has been approximately 18 months since his diagnosis. Solomon, my beautiful Siamese, will turn 16 this September. He has been my buddy & the love of my life since I rescued him at 9 months of age, from a dog pound/animal control facility, where he was “next in line” for euthanasia. Since I’ve started feeding him your Feline Instincts supplement, his appetite is ravenous and his fur is thick, shiny & luxurious. I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you AGAIN for such a wonderful product & helpful customer support. Attached is a recent picture of him basking in the warm sunshine.