I want to tell you how warmed I am by your book. Apart from the invaluable information that you impart, it is truly a testament of your love for and devotion to these fine furry creatures. I have cried and smiled as I have read it and I can only imagine the grueling experience it was for you to write it. I had never met anyone else who cared as deeply for their feline companions before you and your devotion even exceeds mine.

The grief of losing one of them is beyond words and I have come to find that even trying to talk with someone who does not come anywhere to understanding is fruitless. But your book brought back to mind (never really far away anyway, especially now with what’s going on with Max) Felix, Smokey, Spats, Lady Grey, Kitty (20 yrs), Cocoa (given up for adoption 3 times before I adopted at 2 yrs of age), Star, Timmy (left behind by previous owners of current home), Minnie (stray who brought her 4 kittens here), Fluffy, Tawny, Max, Ellie and Morris, plus many more I’ve had the privilege of caring for temporarily. Max and Ellie are the end of the line and I just want to make it the best for them as possible. Thank you so much for your wonderful book.

Judith -MO

Max and Ellie