It’s very important to add one tablet a day of Renafood tablets along with our renal diet to give complete additional kidney support…Thank you Billy for this wonderful update on Hansel!

Hi Felice … wanted to let you know that Hansel is doing terrific.  He just had his 20th birthday and he is still the King of the household :-)

feline instincts success storiesI discovered that I was only administering half of the dose of subcu fluids he was needing … supposed to be giving him 100 mL twice a week and I was only giving 50 mL …

Starting him on the Renafood  tablet (by Standard Process)I believe made a big difference as well as your renal diet.  There was a short period of time where I was making my own powder for Hansel in between moving from Portland down to here before I started ordering directly from you again.  That was not a good idea :-(

But now he’s back on track and he LOVES his Feline Instincts Kidney Diet :-)

It’s been five years since we discovered his renal disease, Felice … five years … and had we not been introduced to you and your kidney diet, Hansel would not be with us today.  I realize he won’t be with us forever, but we refuse to allow a silly number to dictate how long he will be with us.  His appetite is ferocious … he never misses a meal … and he still loves to be vacuumed with the Rainbow vacuum cleaner :-)

You have been the greatest help ever, Felice … you have never failed to respond to my endless questions when I’ve needed help.

And you have become a dear friend who has walked through one of the darkest times of my life with me when I lost my dear Sniffy … you are precious to me … thank you so much for just being who you are … you are loved dearly by me.

Gratefully Yours,


P.S.  Foofa is my long-haired Tabby on top of the fridge … she wasn’t in any of the group pictures and she INSISTED that I send a picture of her to Auntie Felice