Dear Feline Instincts,

We have two female Bangles, Tasha is 13 and Peri is 12. When we first got them, we didn’t have a clue what to feed them. So, like so many others, we gave them kibble.

When Peri was about a year old, our then Vet diagnosed her with hyperthyroid. He wanted to put her on medication. Instead, we found a holistic Vet and took her to him for a 2nd opinion. He also tested her and it came back positive. He strongly urged us to stop feeding kibble and put them on a wet diet, so we did. After 90 days, her next test came back normal. He is still our primary Vet today.

The wet diet included a lot of tuna and salmon. I did not know how bad that was for them and as a result, Peri, at age 3, developed crystals. We took her to a specialty Vet who put them both on a urinary tract cat food which required a prescription. It wasn’t long before we noticed both their coats looking bad and their eyes not as bright. After all. all you needed to do was read the ingredients to see that it was bad stuff!



Then I read online about a raw diet. I had heard of it before but was afraid to try it. Then I read that cats on a raw diet rarely developed crystals because it gives them the high acidity cats need. I found your website and made the switch. Their coats became thick and shiny and their eyes bright! They thrived on your diet!

Wait…I’m not finished. When they went for their physical at age 8 and 9. Peri’s bloodwork came back 30% kidney disease and Tasha’s came back 25%. Our Vet told us that kidney disease is common for their age and breed. I immediately switched them to your kidney support formula. It’s been 3 years now and long overdue for their physical. I took them to our Vet a couple of months ago. Our vet was so excited that he called us at home. He told us BOTH Tasha and Peri’s bloodwork came back ZERO kidney disease!!!

I just wanted to thank you for keeping our babies happy and healthy!


Kidney Support plus Chicken Liver For Cats & Dogs
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