Several times a week I have to explain how to keep a cats urine acidic and why they so often get (especially the males cats) UTI; urinary blockages and or infections. So I want to post it here in hopes it enlightens someone who reads my posts and is curious about why so many of use feed raw.

I was explaining this morning to a nice lady who wants to help her kitty from getting UTI’s again…

Keeping your cat on the raw will keep his urine acidic because a cat has a Ph acidic system that only a raw diet will maintain for them. Alkaline foods will only continue causing this problem because cats are supposed to have a Ph acidic body and system. They are designed to eat raw to maintain their acidic body. By feeding any kind of alkaline food (all cook commercial and vets prescription foods) you are feeding a alkaline food that creates a NON acidic environment in the cat. Read this on my home page:

All cats, domestic and wild, were born to eat raw meat. Their naturally short and acidic digestive systems are meant to digest raw meat – Cats literally thrive on the raw enzymes provided only when it the meat is raw.

A raw diet will help to maintain the pH acidic environment necessary for their digestion and absorption of calcium. The acidic environment stimulates the pancreas to reduce digestive enzymes; this maintains pancreatic health and prevents atrophy of this important organ. The strong digestive secretions allow very few parasites to get past the stomach. It is important to note that commercial pet foods, which are cereal-based, do not nurture a naturally pH acidic stomach environment; because of this, Feline Diabetes, Feline Urinary problems (FUS) and Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) in cats normally disappear when fed a raw diet. Alkaline diets generally disturb their digestive and urinary balance.