Probiotics are essential for your pet’s good health. 
The word Probiotic means “for life”.  Probiotics provide many benefits for all pets, young and old.  Probiotics promote healthy digestion, reduce inflammation and fight infection.  A good, multi-strain probiotic will contain many strains of “beneficial” bacteria (good flora) which are live, viable organisms.  These friendly organisms help your pet’s immune system to fight harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites.

  Probiotics have been scientifically proven to benefit all animals.  However, the extent and degree of benefits depends upon the quality of the manufacturing process used to create the supplement.  The probiotic must be able to survive your pet’s stomach acid so that the beneficial bacteria can reach the intestinal tract; for example, our multi-strain formula starts working when it enters their digestive track.

Your Pet’s Immune System Depends on Good Flora.
Did you know that the majority of your pet’s immune system is located in the intestinal tract?   Thus, by adding beneficial bacteria to your pet’s digestive tract, you strengthen your pet’s health overall.

One misconception is that a probiotic is just for pets with indigestion or diarrhea.  Many chronic health problems such as ear infections, urinary tract infections and respiratory infections often involve the use of repeated use of antibiotics or steroids which weaken the pet’s ability to fight infections by killing off the beneficial bacteria too.  These friendly bacteria strengthen your pet’s immune system so that when the medication is stopped, the infection won’t reoccur.