Book – A Comprehensive True Story of Natural Cures



A true story by Felice who cured her cats with raw diets and classical homeopathic treatments. Felice gives her successful and experienced advice on feline health cures and the many feline health issues such as, IBD, Diabetes, Thyroid, FUS, Hyperthestia (scratching and twitching disorder) and cancer. There are many success stories from these health issues and the cure for them. In addition, a raw diet for cats is explained, as well as classical homeopathy care and how to use it. Dr Gardner adds her advice on many feline problems and helps the reader understand the real meaning of homeopathic vets and what a classical homeopathic vet does to cure cat health issues.

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Reviews for My Natural Cats:
We have a book critic in Hong Kong
BoBo loves “My Natural Cats” book and our premix for a raw diet .
Thank you BoBo for your most generous review

“Devoting her life to helping pets have optimum health by providing exceptional products and sharing her experiences makes Felice truly an angel to us and our pets.”
– Patricia Meyer, Founder/President The Acme Foundation

“As a holistic veterinarian I have greatly enjoyed reading this book, which is a personal and informative book about holistic cat care. It has a lot of great information, moving stories, and little known facts, and I will definitely be recommending it to my clients and cat-lovers everywhere. This is a must-read for those seeking out more quality care for their cats!”
– Anna Gardner MA Vet MB

“Cats, consciousness and compassion married to the highest product integrity and dedication to customer service are the foundation for Felice’s unique gift of natural health, well being and friendship for cats and clients alike”.
– Julia Bondi -Counselor/Writer

“Without exception, Felice’s cats have thrived on a raw diet, recovered from illness, and lived longer lives. They rarely need veterinarian care.”
– Patrick Reeves DVM

“In keeping with her business name of “Feline Instincts”, Felice has a natural understanding of cats. In her book “My Natural Cats” she shares her expertise and commitment to improving the lives of our feline friends naturally, which in turn brings joy to us all. 
– Maya White, Author