Chicken Liver Powder


Made from USDA chicken livers. 6.4 OZ (180 Grams per bag)

Our chicken liver powder have been sensational at getting the finicky kitty to eat a raw diet! Use as a sprinkle on meals and/or as a replacement for the raw liver in our recipe. Cats and Dogs love our liver powder.

We have two texture types of liver powder; one is more granular and the other is like a powder texture. BOTH are equally tasty and cats love them both. Don’t be worried if your bag is not the one you’re used to seeing.



Deborah from NY writes…What an AWESOME product!! My one boy, who is CRF, has now switched to raw because of your chicken Liver powder.

Contains enough liver powder to replace the raw liver in all 10 recipes from the the large bags of our Feline Instincts’ My Natural Cat diet premixes. Order two bags for the Large bag of My Natural Kidney diet premixes.

Feline Instincts does not claim our supplements cure any feline or canine diseases.