Crystal C


(2 oz)
Holistic veterinarians routinely recommend vitamin C to help pets cope with stress and contaminants in the food, water and air. Adding Crystal-C to your pet’s food (and maybe rubbing a little on their gums) will prevent gingivitis and other gum disease!

vitamin C actually increases blood concentration of antibodies (specialized proteins in the body that seek out and kill viruses, bacteria and other toxins!) as well as Interferon (naturally occurring antiviral and anticancer compounds!).

So no matter the age, activity level or diet of your furbaby, vitamin C is the special ingredient that will help your pets reach their highest possible degree of health.



Each container comes with a handy plastic scoop for measuring out the vitamin C powder and mixing it in your pet’s food or drinking water. This Dr. Goodpet product helps in the fight against stress and pollution.

This buffered form of vitamin C will not cause the stomach upset that other forms will and it can be combined with Maximum Protection Formula and Digestive Enzymes to achieve the highest possible degree of nutritional health.

Our Crystal-C is made in Switzerland and packaged here in the U.S. -unlike other vitamin. C products that are made elsewhere with less quality control. This means the price is a bit higher, but we feel our pet’s health is worth it and we would not want to put them at risk.