For Dogs – K-9 Premix Plus Liver


WARNING MESSAGE! You CANNOT use this premix as a SPRINKLE on any meats or pet foods. You will cause digestive problems & over calcify your cat or dog. 


This is our dogs raw or cooked diet premix. Watch the video in the description section below to see how to make our My Natural Cat with liver – It’s very much like making our My Natural K9 recipe.




    • Calcium
    • Egg Yolk Powder
    • Kelp (organic)
    • Vitamin B 50 Complex
    • Vitamin E
  • Kidney Glands (New Zealand)
  • liver
  • Alfalfa Powder (Organic)
  • Gelatin
  • Psyllium Powder (organic)

If you use cooked meats add 200mg/2gr Taurine

AAFCO Approved

10 recipes. Makes 30 pounds of raw or cooked food with veggies. Veggies are optional in this recipe.

My Natural K 9 Brochure.

How much do I feed my dog?
Every dog has an optimum body weight at which it is healthiest and performs best. To determine how much food your dog requires daily, it is important to know that weight. Consult literature on breed standards or your Veterinarian for help. If your dog is overweight base your feeding on the optimum weight. Multiply your dog´s weight in pounds by a factor of 0.4. This provides the daily food in ounces. Example: Your dog’s weight 15 Lbs. X 0.4 = 6 ounces of food daily

Feed a growing Puppy
Use the same formula but substitute the following factors with a puppy’s weight.
Puppy’s weight in lb. X factor = daily amount of food
Puppies 2 to 4 months factor 0.8 makes four meal each day
Puppies 4 to 7 months factor 0.7 and 7 to 12 months factor 0.5, make three meals a day.

Feline Instincts does not claim our supplements cure any feline or canine diseases.