Kidney Support plus Chicken Liver For Cats & Dogs


WARNING MESSAGE! You cannot use this premix as a sprinkle on any other pet foods! You will over calcify your cat or dog. Only  our “Whole Carcass ” premix can be used as a sprinkle on pet foods.


Use meats with NO BONES. We use a calcium supplement in our premixes. See ingredients.
My Natural Cat Kidney Support raw meat premix is for cats & dogs with kidney issues. If your cat has FUS or urinary blockages but no kidney disease then purchase the regular My Natural Cat premix. Available in Trial and Large sizes.

OVERSEAS orders please email 

Ordering more then 6 bags please email

The Premix for Renal issues comes with or without the liver powder. Use RAW LIVER in the premix that doesn’t have the liver powder.

Watch the video below to see how to use Kidney Support plus Chicken Liver, A homemade raw meat cat food.


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