We are thrilled to hear that Miss Chaka has great success with our Feline Instincts homemade raw cat food kidney recipe…

I have been using your Feline Instincts raw cat food kidney recipe with raw organic lamb/chicken for over 6 months and my 18 year old kitty has made a complete turnaround!
She’s engaged bright eyed and not sleepy and lethargic any longer! Thank you so very much for your wonderful products!

As mentioned incredible what a change, she went from being wobbly sleeping all day pretty much on deaths door to up and downstairs begging to get out on our protected porch begging for more of her raw food!

Thank you so very much for giving me hope for a longer healthier life for my little old kitty 🙂

And thank you thank you for such a wonderful life saving product! Chaka is happy and healthier than ever!
Zivko 🙂

feline instincts success story

Miss Chaka