The breeder of my kitten (the one laying down) turned me onto your food! KC Riddle from Wesa Cattery in Vegas told me I need to buy only your food, so now I feed everyone your food! This is what I’ve noticed….

Minky my 18 year old F1 Savannah (the big guy) his dandruff has cleared and he has so much more vitality and is acting 12 years younger than his age (our vet can’t believe how great his health is)! His coat is so much softer! Jenny my 6 year old F2b Savannah has not had her yearly horrible allergies since starting your food and her coat is so much nicer! She was a super picky eater but LOVES this food! Sometimes she’s head butting me so hard I can’t mix the food so feed them!

And finally, my baby, Gunther “Gunny” F1 Savannah (from Wesa) my little guy loves the food so much he eats as much as the other two cats together! He was nipping the older cats to sneak mouthfuls from their bowls. His fur is so soft that people can’t believe it! He’s a registered therapy animal and is so full of love!