Success Stories From Cat Lovers Feeding a Raw Meat Diet for Cats

Read the success stories from fellow cat lovers who have had great success using our raw meat diet for cats and holistic remedies found in My Natural Cat.

bacci-kristineKristine says:

“I thank God for Feline Instincts products and especially for Felice. She has been so very helpful and available when I needed her the most. Prior to switching to a raw diet, I had been in and out of the vet for three years. The vet had trouble diagnosing his symptoms and I spent several hundred dollars on x-rays, ultra-sounds, pain meds, specialists, you name it. When I started Bacci on the raw food diet the symptoms ceased. One year later he remains perfectly healthy and maintains his urinary tract and bowel health.”

— Kristine, CA

Caleigh says:

“Felice, you have been an incredible help! We wholeheartedly believe that you’ve saved Jack’s life. He was dying when I contacted you (from DC) and nothing was working. Not even pre-made raw foods. Only when we started him on a raw kidney diet did he begin to recover from Stage 4 back down to Stage 2. He remains at Stage 2/3. CRF is a rollercoaster and especially in conjunction with IBD/Pancreatitis. His downs are a lot less and our vet cannot believe how stable he has remained over the past few years. The raw diet has made both Jack and Lizzie healthier. Everyone comments on how soft their fur is and how young they look for almost 13 years old. I always comment that it’s the raw diet and have referred others.

Please know that you are helping and we appreciate it more than anything.”

— Caleigh, Canada

Virginie says:

“Feline Instincts was recommended by my veterinarian Dr Palmquist — I was feeding a raw diet without supplements and trying to balance phosphorus and calcium myself. I have been feeding your formula for the past few months with beef to my IBS kitty, and she is doing great on it.”

— Virginie – CA

george-jeanneJeanne says:

“George is now 15 1/2 (almost) and continues with the diet. The vet who owns the clinic examined him this year (different vet than I reported on last year), and she was quite negative about raw diets because of the risk of parasites. She examined George thoroughly and did a kidney function test and had to call me with the results. George is doing incredibly well. His weight is perfect. He has good musculature. He’s got good teeth, fur, eyes are bright, and he’s feisty, acts like a real cat. His kidney function is excellent. She couldn’t contain her surprise at how well he is doing at his age. He’s the picture of a healthy cat with an interest in the world around him.

So much better than cats who are over- but poorly fed, under exercised, and under-stimulated. He really is gorgeous George!

To my friends who are horrified at the work I go to, let me say this: it really isn’t that much work. At first, I made more of a mess than is necessary, but now I have it down to a simple routine. The whole process takes 1 14-cup processor and one blender and a spatula to pack the mixture into plastic containers for freezing. Very little mess with my method. The key is to blend the powder with water separately. I do it in the blender, and then pour it into the chopped meat and pulse it to mix it through. Very easy. There are no cans to clean and recycle and the food isn’t smelly and George doesn’t have bad breath. All worth the tiny bit of effort.

Good luck, Felice. I really appreciate your product, but even more, your dedication. You are the one — not the vet! — who told me to take red meat out of George’s diet and it made all the difference. That advice alone has made me a dedicated customer.”

— Jeanne – MA


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