“I just became the Mommy of a RED MAINE COON~ (Number 4 !!) She will be 3 months old on May 12th. I traveled 4 1/2 hours one way to get her. (A breeder in another state had her.) Imagine my shock when I looked at the “Goodie Bag” they make up for each kitten going to their***forever home*** and saw FANCY FEAST was what a Breeder/Show Person was giving HER PURE BREED CATS! I politely told her she could keep the food- I feed Raw Diet- Her reply was “Oh she won’t eat that- you need to fix a little bit with this – she will never eat it! ” I asked her if she had heard of your company? Your Book? NO ! I almost didn’t take the kitten when looking at her 18 other cats……. but I had traveled 4 1/2 hours! I thought to myself **No** take this Kitten- YOU ARE SAVING IT! We got home and settled in. I put a small amount of what was SENT with the kitten and the RAW DIET…. SHE leaped into that RAW DIET and was meowing for more! Would not touch the other! She is looking for it when she knows it’s time to eat! THANK-YOU FELINE INSTINCT..another success ~

Jayne-Browns-new-Main-Coon-150x150AND SHE FITS IN THE BOX!!! lol lol lol…She too licks the bag! THIS IS BREE!”