Shipping Cost Notice

UPDATE! As of 1/16/2019 USPS has raised their rates again.

We cannot ship orders  overnight anymore.

A few customers feel our shipping fees are too high. We will explain why are fees are what they are here…

First, shipping rates everywhere have gone up again in 2016….

We are not a LARGE business that can not take profits from our products to cover shipping like larger companies do. We have an overhead to cover; printing supplies, brochures, labor and materials to pack orders.

Shipping and handling (S&H) is not just postage, it stands for postage, handling, time and materials. The labor includes processing the order information by hand and putting it into our customer base and again in the USPS shipping system to print a label to ship an order and deliver an invoice to the shipping dept to have an order carefully packed by a US Military Vet. To process one order can take about one hour or more if we take the order on the phone and answer questions.

To send just one item of any product costs us between $6.80-$12.40 flat rate depending on where it’s shipping to with the post office. We charge $11.00 to ship one item and $1.50 more for each additional product. Many times an order cannot fit in a flat rate box so we ship FedEx.

.Last year we spent an extra $2000.00 in addition to the postage charges we received from the orders for shipping fees.

We make a great product at a great price that has more supportive ingredients than any other premix for feline and canine raw food diets out there. We have not raised the price of our premixes in ten years even though  sources for our products have raised prices to us. It is my pleasure to always answer questions from customers via phone and email; many times on weekend and holidays too if I am in the office and I have never charged a fee for those consults. If we could afford to give free shipping or for less we sincerely would.

We will no longer respond to emails or phone calls regarding the cost of our shipping and handling fees.

Kind regards,
Felice, Caesar and Alex