It’s been brought to my attention too often that my shipping fees are too high and I want to set the record straight for the few that complain about this. I know times are tough but I am truly not over charging anyone to ship their order..

Shipping is not “too high”!

 There are a few that don’t realize it costs money for labor to process and pack an order plus the shipping rates everywhere have gone up for God’s sake. To send just one large bag of any of my premixes costs me anywhere from $7.55 to $9.97 depending on where it’s shipping to and that is flat rate (!) with the post office. Many times an order cannot fit in a flat rate box and that costs a lot more to ship if I use FedEx or regular priority mail!

I charge $11.00 to ship one large bag ($1.50 more for each additional product to cover the extra weight) and that also helps pay for the labor which if you see the difference between $11.00 and what I have to pay is nothing for labor to speak of.

Shipping and Handling fees stand for labor and materials to process an order not just the cost of a shipping label; the labor to process your order is done by taking your information and putting that into our customer system and again in the shipping system to print a label to ship your order and deliver an invoice, take the time to do all this and send an email invoice.. right on through to sending your order to be packed by another person who carefully packs your order and then sends it to shipping. To process one order takes about one hour if I don’t have to talk to a customer on the phone and answer questions on top of all that.

Last year I spent over $2000.00 in additional money for postage which was above what we charged the customers for shipping fees. Because of that expense I am now trying to ship as much with Flat Rate USPS as I can.

I am not a LARGE business that can take profits from my products to cover shipping like some do online for other products. I have an overhead to cover such as printing supplies for invoices, brochures, labor and materials to pack orders. Please try to understand no one here is making you pay more than you should for shipping fees!

I make a great product at a great price that has more supportive ingredients than any other premix for raw food out there and I have not raised the price of my premixes even though those sources have raised prices to me. I am always here to answer questions from customers via phone and email; many times on weekend and holidays. My time has never been charged a fee. If I could afford to give free shipping I would, so please, don’t complain to me about shipping fees.

Kind regards,
Felice, Caesar and Alex