All shipping is the same with any of the delivery options. We charge for postage, materials and manual labor to process an order; often we do not receive anything for labor* to process an order. A larger company would be able to mark up a product to cover this or buy in volume that they can afford to have cheaper shipping fees while raising the price of their products to cover labor. We are a small family company and we want our products to be affordable so as many cats and dogs as possible can afford to eat a healthy raw diet. The first item is always $11.00 and all additional items are $1.50 each. Even with flat rate shipping postage is as high as 9.88 for a 2-8 pound order and we don’t receive anything for labor* when that happens. Please understand we are not charging you more than necessary to ship your order. We have lowered the cost to ship a small bag of My Natural Cat to $10.00 (a small bag can make 1 month of food for one cat). Flat Rate is $5.60- $5.88. You can see that we only have about $4 for labor. …* labor is  manually adding you to the customer base if you are new, printing an invoice and adding your information to get a shipping label printed, sending your invoice to packing where a person packs your order carefully and walks your package to the mailing dept.

PS: While we have endured increased prices of ingredients and shipping fees for several years now. we have not raised the cost of our product or ship fees in several years.