When feeding your kitty on a raw meat diet the BUN (blood work results) can be elevated a little just because of the raw protein in the diet will elevate it; BUN stands for the protein in the cats diet. It’s the quality of the protein not the quantity when eating raw meat that makes the difference here. What you really need to look at when feeding raw is the Creatine and Phos for damage to the kidneys.

Here is my explanation why you need to give the Renafood tablets to support your cats’ kidneys all its life and how I give them to all my cats daily…

We give this supplement tablet to all our cats starting from 4-5 years of age for support from the natural aging process.

 DR Gardner once started our Lady Natascha on one Renafood tablet a day when her kidneys creatine and phos levels were elevate at age 16.  She ate our regular My Natural Cat diet during this time. After she was on the tablets for just 30 days I rechecked her blood work and the levels went back into the normal range. We are very impressed with this additional supplement to support the kidneys and continued to give all our cats’ one crushed Renafood tablet a day mixed with the organic dried chicken treats (crushed like a powder), liver powder or a tad bit of food every night before bedtime; I call out “Treat Time” and the cats come running to get their Renafood treats and their CQ 10 (10mg) for their heart and gums.


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