Acute disease is necessary to give the body a fighting chance to heal. By suppressing acute feline disease through pharmaceutical intervention, we not only further delay healing by silencing the body’s innate mechanisms, but we add additional toxins into the body further burdening those mechanisms which would otherwise have worked flawlessly. That promotes the ineffectiveness of the allopathic model and why patients never heal.

At The Holistic Veterinary Center, we use natural methods to treat acute illnesses. Homeopathy and nutritional supplements work WITH the bodies innate intelligence to stimulate healing. If they symptom resolves it is because the body has healed.. not because the symptom has been falsely suppressed.

An example is acute gastroenteritis characterized by vomiting and diarrhea. Conventional medicines are aimed at stopping the symptom by suppressing the vomiting center in the brain and stopping the diarrhea by treating with antibiotics such as metronidazole or artificially stopping the diarrhea through the use of antimodility drugs. None of these medications address the underlying cause of the disease. Since the underlying illness was never addressed, these animals tend to develop chronic recurring bouts of gastroenteritis/pancreatitis or whatever diagnostic label is placed upon them. They episodes often become more frequent and severe over time requiring more medications to keep the symptoms under control.

Homeopathic remedies address the underlying inflammation in the body that is causing the illness resolving the inflammation and thereby resolving the symptom. The animal is left in a state of improved health and is more resistant to future acute illnesses.

Dr Becker


Felice F Arata

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