My beautiful orange tabby, 9 1/2 yrs old was recently diagnosed with kidney disease and I was devastated.  So I tried various kibble and can food made for his ailment and the result was diarrhea since Jan 2011. I finally “say the light” and switched to Feline Instincts Raw menu.  I was sure I would have to gag him with a dose down his throat to get him interested in eating this new food !!!!!

BUT, to my amazement, he smelled it, tasted it and then sat down and devoured the entire portion. And as if that wasn’t good enough !, 2 days later he had a stool that was frameable.!  I am running to the store for more ground chicken and eagerly planning on the next batch of Jazz’s new food. Thank you, thank you Felice from the bottom of my heart and Jazz sends you”kat kisses”.


Betsy, NY