Hello Felice,

feline-instincts-raw-meat-diet-CRF-success-storiesThis is Samantha, a small female, who was an outdoor kind of a neighborhood feline, and in her mid teens elected to move in with us by simply insisting we open the door and let her in. She stayed outside our door in rain and snow mewing loudly…

Recently she started having renal issues, and I was worried since she would not eat anything much, she (and I) was disgusted with special renal food regular vets recommend once we smelled it and I read the ingredients list…

I’m happy to report that I just received your package, and immediately made it with canned pumpkin and raw ground chicken, since the feline is losing weight and seems resigned to her fate despite home fluid therapy, clean water, renafood and renal essentials supplementation, and variety of available renal foods. I was surprised how quick I was able to make this food, very easy. The feline immediately ate about half a cup of it, and went about cleaning herself, moving faster, rolling around in the sun outside, and talking! I did not even add your liver powder or anything else. Amazingly easy switch!

So far so good! Thanks for all your help!

Anton, NY