When your fur friend gets a little older you should start detoxing their liver Milk Thistle; dog or cats.
My experience with feline liver failure has been scary to say the least. A cat can show no signs of any problem until the liver is just about gone!
I detox Alex’s liver with milk thistle about once a year now that he is 11 years old. The one I use is a capsule from Animal Essentials. Pilling any cat is easy for me. I coat the pill with olive oil or butter followed with a tiny syringe of water or food. The liquid MT is too bitter to give them and when mixed in their food they will not eat it. I started pilling the Standard Process pills when he was young to get him used to it and because he wouldn’t eat the Standard Process pills like all my other babies did.
Cats will never show signs of an organ failing until it’s almost gone! Please get blood work every year. You can catch a problem before it gets too bad to care for.
Feline Liver and Toxins:
What you need to know about the feline liver.
The Feline Liver Has Low Tolerance To Toxins and is just another reason why you need to get them blood work every year and sooner from ages of 12 up….
Many substances are especially toxic to cats because their liver has a low capacity to metabolize. To repeat what our local vet Dr. Patrick Reeves stated, “Cats have a very low tolerance to toxins. If you give a Tylenol to a cat they are dead in 30 minutes. Not so for a dog.” As John K. Dunn states in his Textbook of Small Animal Medicine, “toxic side effects develop more easily in cats in cases of overdoses of toxins from plastic and other toxins, or reduced liver function.”
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Felice and Alex
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