feline-instincts-raw-meat-diet-success-storiesI have been using your product for about a year and a half now. I rarely ever provide feedback, but I am so happy with this food that I wanted to let you know. I have two 6 year old Domestic Short Hairs, Wyatt (Gray and White) and Preston (All Gray). Wyatt has had an obesity problem for his whole adult life, as well as itchy skin, and calluses on his paws. This diet changed everything. Not only has Wyatt lost 3 pounds, bringing him back to his health 1 year old weight, but his coat is shiny and soft, he is playful and affectionate, and he is healthier than he has ever been; Preston too, his fur is like velvet, he’s lost some weight, and extremely even tempered.

feline-instincts-raw-meat-diet-success-storiesAdditionally, both felines have had interstitial cystitis for the past two and a half years, uncontrolled even with the prescription diet. However, since I stopped feeding them regular food and feed them 90-95% feline instincts raw diet, they no longer have interstitial cystitis episodes; this is both a great relief to them and me since I no longer have to clean up cat urine on a regular basis. Overall we are a much happier family all around.

I, and the boys, wanted to thank you so much for making this product.