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Educate Before You Vaccinate!

Feline and Canine Cancer Causing Vaccines

For several years a growing number of felines have developed cancerous tumors at the location site of vaccines. Vaccines such as distemper, rabies and feline leukemia have caused these tumors in what statistics are showing to be anywhere from 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 10,000...

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Fort Dodge Vaccine Warning

I  Received the information below from a breeder who came across it  on  a breeder  group list – I’ve been busy and not had  chance to catch up with the list postings.  Please pass it along to anyone you know with cats and to your veterinarians.   It is also a good...

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The Vaccination Dilemma And Your Healthy Companions

Homeopathic veterinarians and other holistic practitioners have maintained for some time that vaccinations do more harm than they provide benefits. Vaccinations represent a major assault on the body’s immune system. Attenuated organisms or chemically killed viruses or...

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Advantages of Nosodes for Disease Prevention

As per Dr. George Macleod of England (now deceased) from the book “A Veterinary Materia Medica and Clinical Repertory” A nosode is a disease product obtained from any affected part of the system in a case of illness and thereafter homeopathically potentised. (This...

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Flea Care

We asked two of our holistic vets about natural flea care and they replied:

Dr Swift says, “If needed, I use Ectopamine or Cedarcide, etc.. Our felines do not have any flea problem. Generally, raw fed felines have minimal issues”.

Dr Gardner says a homemade raw meat cat food diet helps prevent fleas also and she has a page on natural flea control here on her website.

A very good website and book by John Clifton about the dangers of vaccinating your pet: Visit Stop the Shots! website


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