I don’t vaccinate my cats and never will. There are laws yes, but we can’t go to jail if we don’t vaccinate. However, some vets will refuse to treat your cat or dog if not vaccinated and eating a raw diet; I just went through this here in Florida but I was able to find a vet who is more relaxed and understanding, so can you. Refusing to treat a pet on those grounds is of course a travesty of our rights as a human being.

In addition, I want to mention that many pet wonders don’t know this but if you do vaccinate there is an after vaccine remedy to give your pet. Please contact Dr Gardner or any holistic vet that works with CLASSICAL Homeopathy and get an after vaccine remedy to mitigate the side effects of a vaccine. A consult is needed for this so be sure the right remedy is given.

Dr Becker explains vaccines, the law and why many vets still over vaccinate well here below….