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The Difference Between Holistic Vets and Allopathic Vets

One point I’d like to mention about allopathic vets versus holistic vets – homeopathy veterinarians go to the same schools as allopathic vets. After graduating from one of several veterinarian schools, a vet with a will to learn a better way to help our animals, will often sign up to a holistic veterinarians school to receive additional years of schooling and become a skillful homeopath, herbalist, acupuncturist, chiropractor and animal nutritionist. holistic vets are more educated then allopathic vets.

Homeopathy briefly explained
Samuel Hahnemann in the late eighteenth century gave us formalized homeopathy. The principle of treatment is that medicines which create similar symptoms, which are also produced by the disease, are treated by that medicine. This principle has been recorded since classical Greek times. This principle is called “like cures like”. Hahnemann carried on his work and investigations tirelessly, but could not accumulate enough evidence of medical cure using this system. It was in 1812 when he could show the results of homeopathy by treating 180 cases of Typhus. Since then the effectiveness of homeopathy has been proved in a very very large number of patients. The same principle has been extended to all kinds of life including animal life.

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A list of Holistic vets that do phone consults suggested by BrightHaven for our convenience:

BrightHaven’s owner Gail Pope is a compassionate educated animal specialist in holistic healthcare, animal hospice and natural dying. A consult with her will not only help your fur friend, she will restore your faith in human beings who care about animals and their care. I have known Gail since 2003 and have donated our products to her rescue because I love how she cares and heals all the animals that come to her. She is truly a bright star in our heavens.

Highly Recommended Classical Veterinary Homeopaths

Christine Barrett, DVM. 530 367 3672
Chris has been BrightHaven’s supervising veterinarian since 2005 and has been one of our prescribing vets since the early 90s. Chris has offered her heart and services for so many years to BrightHaven and the names of all the cats, dogs, birds and even toads she has treated far too numerous to mention but they all offer thanks in unison!

Chris earned her DVM degree from UC Davis in 1986. She went on to study homeopathy for animals with the father of animal homeopathy, Dr. Richard Pitcairn, and has been practicing classical veterinary homeopathy since 1995.

Chris has also participated in extensive further education programs and is one of the most competent and caring practitioners with whom we have had the pleasure of working.

Chris consults by telephone and email and is very available in emergency situations.

Diana Bochenski, DVM 805 688 2334
Diana has been with us  also since the mid 90’s and worked with lots of our animals. She is wonderful!! Diana practices in both Northern California at The Buellton Veterinary Hospital and also from her home in Wyoming. She will consult both via telephone or email and is available for emergencies on her cell phone.

Jeff Levy DVM 413 268 3000
Possibly the most brilliant vet I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, since the early 90’s, Jeff is responsible for many of the BrightHaven miracles of healing. Jeff is only available for telephone consultation and only uses email/fax for documents required to be sent to him.

Adriana Sagrera DVM 504 834 2023
Adriana has been with us almost as long as Jeff Levy. She works by phone and also email and I try to give her the care of our older, debilitated animals as she has done wonders over the years for our records of health and longevity and somehow seems to hone in to the center of the problem. Adriana is available by day or night for emergencies on her cell phone too. She is my MUST for renal, thyroid, undiagnosed problems and geriatrics.

Michele Yasson DVM 845 338 3300
Michele has been helping BrightHaven cats and dogs for almost two decades with a huge rate of success. Kind and caring, Michele always gives her cell number to her clients for emergency use and is available for consultation via telephone.

My personal vets recommendations:

Anne C. Hermans, D.V.M.
New Preston, CT 06777
(860) 868-6406 – Locally only. No phone consults.


Anna Maria Wolf MA Vet. MB CVA
PO Box 31
WA 98320



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