Thank you, Felice.  My 2 babies have been eating your kidney formula since November 2011, and we can’t believe the improvement in my one kitty with CRF.  Her behavior has changed from always hiding and vomiting almost every day to being social, playful and vomiting an occasional hairball.  I will be taking her to the vet soon for her 6-month bloodwork, and I can’t wait to see the results.  My other baby, who is only 2, has a beautiful coat and seems to be doing well on the same diet even though she does not have CRF.  Thanks from my heart that you have allowed me to believe that I am doing the best for my beloved friends and children.

 Thank you!  I found you with a Google search…I’d tried years ago to find a raw food diet, but then you had to use the whole chicken and I just couldn’t bring  myself to grind up a chicken (we live with parrots) and could find no butcher willing to do it for me (health department rules).

So I’ve been using a frozen organic raw food (which they aren’t crazy about) mixed half with Newman’s Own organic canned.  I figured half was better than none. And, I just made up the recipes and they were a TOTAL success!  Our 11 month old kitten and my 18 year old “kitten” (with high end normal kidney “stuff” on her latest blood work) both loved their food, no liver powder even!

I am so happy I found your products!


Linda, CA