feline-instincts-raw-meat-diet-success-storiesHi Felice

“Like silk on a brick!” exclaimed a judge recently after judging one of our top show felines. “How do you consistently manage to produce such superbly muscled bodies and glossy coats?”


These glowing remarks reflect years of breeding robustly healthy and beautifully coated Bombays and Sable Burmese. Both breeds have very short coats. There is no way to conceal the absence of an athletic body. And the beauty of the coat? Well, it’s true. “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” “It’s an inside job,” I responded. And it is.

Our felines have enjoyed Feline Instincts additives in our raw diet mixtures for generations. Healthy food builds healthy bodies and happy felines. Want to see the evidence? Go to our Website!  And then start your felines on what’s good for them.

Caricature Cattery, CT