Hi Felice,

I just want to drop you a note to say thank you for helping me keep my beloved kitty, Angela, for, I’d bet, at least four more years than I would have had her if it weren’t for you.  The Feline Instincts kidney support diet you advised and that I kept her on for the last five years of her life served her well.  In the past, when I had felines develop renal problems I followed veterinary recommendation of injecting subcutaneous fluids in them. But, with that treatment, none of my felines ever lived more than an additional year.  Your kidney support diet enabled Angela to live the longest of any feline I ever had, to age 20 plus!

I also want to thank you for the personal kindness you always displayed to me by being willing to take the time to answer questions and make advisement regarding Angela.  You are truly a very special person, Felice.  I hope God blesses you for your efforts to help kitties and the people that love them.


Nancy P – ILL