Felice, you have been an incredible help! We wholeheartedly believe that you’ve saved Jacks life. He was dying when I contacted you (from DC) and nothing was working. Not even pre-made raw foods. Only when we started him on Feline Instincts did he begin to recover from Stage 4 back down to Stage 2. He remains at Stage 2/3. CRF is a rollercoaster and especially in conjunction with IBD/Pancreatitis. His downs are a lot less and our Vet cannot believe how stable he has remained over the past few years. FI has made both Jack and Lizzie more healthy. Everyone comments on how soft their fur is and how young they look for almost 13 years old. I always comment that it’s Feline Instincts and have referred others.

Sorry for rambling. Please know that you are helping and we appreciate it more than anything.

Caleigh, Canada