feline-instincts-raw-meat-diet-success-storiesHi Felice,

I am happy to report that my picky feline has been eating the new diet consistently — that chicken liver powder of yours is a miracle worker!

I feed her as much as she will eat, since she’s barely 7lbs and could use to gain a couple of pounds.

So far 3 of my 4 felines will eat the diet even without powder, the 4th snubs it but as soon as I sprinkle it with liver powder he inhales it.

I am going to buy a bigger package, and mix it with chicken for my 3 other felines, and with beef for my problem feline.

Maybe in a few months after her digestive tract has had time to heal, I will try a bit of chicken for her again.

Thanks for offering such an amazing product!


Virginie, California