Coming Soon! Egg Free premix for dogs and cats

Many of you have asked for an egg free premix. Now we have it! Look for our new EGG FREE premix on our "Products" page in about 2 weeks. In our new “Egg Free” premix you can add your own organic eggs and the raw organic liver to the recipe. Of course, if you want the...

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PS: to teeth cleaning advice

PS: When I realized the effects of that preshot and why they give it (King Tut had fallen completely limp and out like a light off right after the shot! I was shocked at how fast it knocked him out) I asked right then to not give it to my cats anymore. My vet back...

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TriFexis medication warning!!

TriFexis medication warning!! Vets are seeing more and more dogs have reactions to this medication. Many of these reactions are severe and life threatening.

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Feline raw diet and the kidney blood work values…

Regarding the feline raw diet and the kidney blood work values; Phos, creatine and BUN…. I frequently have emails saying their cat, while eating a raw diet, has been diagnosed with the beginnings of kidney failure. They ask if they should start feeding our Kidney...

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Why Did My Cat Develop Hyperthyroidism ?

Treated holistically and with a raw diet you will extend the life of your cat. Dr Gardner prescribes to this disease with a thyroid supplement that worked for my Cat. We are not certain yet. But here are some things we do know: Veterinarians did not notice that house...

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Shipping Costs

It's been brought to my attention too often that my shipping fees are too high and I want to set the record straight for the few that complain about this. I know times are tough but I am truly not over charging anyone to ship their order.. Shipping is not “too high”!...

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My Natural Cat Book

Order the book in in the shopping menu.  For more information on Felice Arata´s new book visit:


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