Prescription Pet Food Lawsuits

It's about time ..I can't even say my products cure any health issue in a cat or dog, (yet it does) unless FDA approves the products. Vets don't even have FDA approval of their "prescription" foods for pets and vets have always said their pet foods are for curing...

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Vaccines and Titers

The Great Debate: Vaccines and Titers The issue of vaccinations, and their effect on our pets’ health, has recently become an area of much debate in the world of veterinary medicine. For many years, veterinarians have administered multiple annual vaccines with the...

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Feline FLUTD Success

Thank you Jan for sharing your BEAUTIFUL furkids and the GREAT news about Mr. Toby Hi Felice, First of all thank you so VERY much for all your wonderful knowledge in dealing with the situation of feline FLUTD. It helps us so much yesterday when speaking with the vet...

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Feline Liver and Toxins

The Feline Liver Has Low Tolerance To Toxins: Many substances are especially toxic to cats because the liver has a low capacity to metabolize them. To repeat what Dr. Patrick Reeves stated, “Cats have a very low tolerance to toxins. If you give a Tylenol to a cat they...

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Six Kitties Love My Natural Cat

Hi Felice!  Here are my babies enjoying the raw diet with your wonderful chicken liver powder. they range in age from five weeks to fourteen years.  We were afraid that we were going to lose the wee one, he was so tiny and just not doing well so I brought him home and...

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Pet Fooled

The film the pet food industry doesn’t want a world of pet food consumers to see; Pet Fooled. To be released January 2017.      

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Caesar 1999-2016

Growing up I never felt I had a connection in this life or that I even belonged on this earth. …until I shared my life with a cat. There was Toddles my first cat in my late teens and then came along August in my early 30’s. Then the finale of furry joys came prancing...

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BEWARE of This Company

BEWARE of this company "Hinterland Herbs", for the way they treat customers! When we were inquiring about the cost of their catnip product and found it was $40 a pound. We thanked them for their time and explained it was too expensive and would find it someplace else...

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Feline Renal failure Just Got Better

Ms Puma’s success story... Hi Felice My kitty Ms Puma had a couple tough weeks and went to the vet who ran some kidney blood work and guess what ?Her kidneys have dramatically improved even though she's 18+yr old now Vet said they were much better than last October...

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My Natural Cat Book

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